Monet was the father of Impressionist painting. We have painted a reflection landscape inspired by the colours and light that Monet used. Monet saw beauty in all aspects of nature, the flowers, the water, the sky, the snow and the trees. Water was the subject of many of Monet’s paintings. He painted reflections of bothContinue reading “MONET ART PROJECT”


Christmas is here! There’s something about a snow globe that is a little magical. Our students have designed their own christmas snow globe using their imagination. Snowglobes generally illustrate some kind of ideal scene. For example, a beautiful sfrozen seasonal scene, a christmas landscape… This easy little print and go snow globe craft is aContinue reading “SNOW GLOBES”


This is a lovely way to introduce children to pointillism, a painting technique used by some of the great artists, including Monet and Van Gogh. This is a very simple way of printing dots, using cotton ear buds to make a stunning painting of an autumn tree. They choose autumnal colours like red, yellow, orangeContinue reading “COTTON BUD PAINTING”

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